Saturday, August 22, 2015

Carriacou, And Onto Grenada

Our plan was to head out of Marigot Bay at first light and make our way on down to Carriacou which is part of Grenada. We traveled down St. Lucia enjoying the nice sail. We had heard once you hit the end of the island before you get to St. vincent which is the next island down that the water becomes very rough as it and the winds funnel through the pass. We passed the Pitons and they were indeed impressive. Some of the rat pack had hiked up them and I hear it is quiet the hike. We had heard if you wanted to get a mooring in front of them and take a guide to hike them that you also needed to hire someone to boat sit. Hummm? So I need to pay a person I dont know to sit on my boat to keep the bad people off? Ummmm, no thanks. So we just passed by and took photos.

Once we got to the end of the island we fully expected it to get rough but we continued to enjoy the sail as it wasnt rough at all. Today may be our lucky day. We traveled most of the day and stopped in Bequia with the Q flag flying to get some sleep for the next days travel. The following day we made it to Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou along with Tempo. Carriacou is part of Grenada and we hear its easy to check into customs there. Dirk headed into the customs office as it was Friday and on the weekends it cost overtime fees if you check in or out. Once we were legally checked in we celebrated with 2 cold Kalik's and hoisted the Grenada courtesy flag. Our plan was to get a good nights sleep before making our final run down to Prickly Bay so it was a relaxing evening onboard and we slept in the following morning before picking up anchor to make the short hop down island. We made it to Prickly Bay and picked our way through the anchorage to find a spot to drop. It was pretty crowded so we kind of wedged ourselves, perhaps a little close to two other boats we knew. Dirk dove on the anchor after we set it and found we were pretty much hanging over a little ledge. Wasnt happy but this would do for the night. We Popped our bottle of champagne we had saved for just this occasion. Its good to be here, finally......


In the near future I will write of our adventures as we check out this so called cruising mecca. Stay tuned.....


Saturday, August 8, 2015

St. Lucia

We headed for Rodney Bay St. Lucia on the 25th after sitting for almost a week in Martinique while we waited on weather. We had met a couple there that said they had been traveling this area for 15 years and had never seen a year as windy and rough as this one. Goody for us, we picked the worst year to do this but we were determined to get to Grenada before the end of July. We were traveling with Tempo and pulled into the anchorage together both setting the hook close to each other. Dirk dove on the anchor and wasnt pleased as to how it was set but we had backed down to 2500 and didnt pull. It was basically a bunch of rubble on the bottom, old dead coral covered with about an inch of sand. We had hooked into a rock laying on the bottom of a slight ridge. We would see how we held as the next couple days were suppose to be very windy. We were planning on moving to find a sandy spot but once the winds picked up and we held fast we decided to stay put. Rodney Bay wasnt bad except for the fruit and veggie guy that would make his rounds daily trying to sell you stuff in an old boat that looked like it would capsize at any moment.
Looks like a garden up top
And the people who would stand on the jetty trying to get your attention for a lift to the other side as you were going into town. We were told by a few that the veggie guy was a fairly nasty spirited man and would get upset with you for only buying one item from him. I didnt play his game and bought all my fruits and veggies from the farmers market and grocery store. The people on the jetty would hoop and holler in hopes you would pick them up, take them to the other side of the channel and in the process sell you something or ask for something. I felt bad ignoring them but one had to. At the farmers market held there each week I picked up some great deals and learned to love yet another fruit I had never seen before.
Wax apples are not native to the area but brought over from Asia somewhere. They are quite interesting and actually taste like a green apple with a different texture. Days passed and the winds blew, so I finally decided I needed a hike and took one to the fort with our friends off Tempo. Dirk decided to stay back so off we went.
From the top of the fort was great views of the bay and surrounding areas all in bloom with Flamboyant trees.
Renegade is somewhere out in the bay

View of the outside
View from the top of the fort over to the other peak we hiked
Flamboyant tree flower
View of the fort from the other peak
After we hiked up both peaks we headed to the little restaurant and all had a nice cold Piton Beer and a great lunch before heading back to the boats.
Nice little restaurant

On the 7th of July we finally had a bit of a let up in wind and decided to head to Marigot Bay as we heard it was beautiful and peaceful. We decided to go ahead and pick up a mooring ball inside of the bay from the marina and when they saw us and several other boats approaching the channel they came out to ask if we were anchoring or taking a ball, they then led us to our ball and helped us tie up. Before we could even get tied up all the way the fruit and veggie guys came by to peddle their wares. First one then the other and we bought a bit from each one as they weren't too pushy and seemed friendly enough.
Santa Clause as he calls himself selling fruits and veggies.
With the mooring ball we got access to the resorts gym and pool. We elected to use the pool along with several other boats that pulled in that day. Izzy R who we had met several years ago in the Bahamas along with a couple new people we met. They had a great swim up bar that served a mean rum punch.
The gang relaxing in the pool with nice cold rum punches
Later that evening we all got together and had taco night on Izzy R and watched as the sun set behind the island.

The following day we decided to take a hike on a trail that led to some great look out spot. We started at the Rainforest Hidaway and the path got steep very quickly.
Steep hill
It was so steep at times you had to use the rope to pull yourself up and I for one needed a few breaks to catch my breath. When we finally made it to the top we were granted a wonderful view of the surronding land.
Awesome views
We could see Renegade moored in the bay and the pool we spent so much time in the day before.
We made it to the top
We stopped at the top for a rest and a group photo before heading on our way. We hiked down the trail and it was just as steep.
Now for the steep climb down
We ended up at a resort and ended up riding the self service trolly down the hill.
Ding ding ding here comes your trolley
Lots of beautiful vegetation to see everywhere around.
We finally found our way to the local watering hole and had a nice cold Piton to quench our thirst and took one more group photo to end the days trip.
Time for a nice cold one.
We were tired puppies after the day we had and were in bed early as the next morning we would drop our mooring ball and head south. Were almost there......