Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Times

Wow, it’s been a while since I have blogged. So much has happened and many miles have been put under the keel since last time. Let’s see if I can catch you up without missing out on too much. When I last left off, our guest left us after 9 days of vacation. Of course we were battling winds every other day it seemed and so we sat in Staniel Cay for another two waiting on weather. Finally on the 18th of April we were able to pull anchor and head south. We headed on the outside with the hopes that we could land a Mahi Mahi. We hadn’t any luck while our guests were here. With our sights set on Galliot Cay we settled in for a nice sail. It was good to be on the move again although there was to be no bites today. The following morning we decided to go onto Emerald Bay and stay in the Marina there. We loved it so much last season that it was a must stop this season. The fuel dock is easy to get to so on our way in we slid on in and filled up the tanks before finally going into the slip. Great place to stay if you have never been before. The marina is not quiet finished so it’s only $1.00 per foot, per day. Electricity is extra and water is I think .40 cents a gallon. You can elect to have the no electric dock for that price. Since we had been running the engine all day there was no need for electric. We did find out the grocery store that was within walking distance has closed down but the liquor store next door is still open if anyone is interested. Free laundry was what I was after as I had not done laundry since we left the states. Aside from a few essentials that were washed in a bucket that is. So needless to say I along with everyone else had many loads apiece to do. Our plan was to pull in, get a nice calm night of rest as the marina is very protected and the following day I would do laundry and clean up the boat while Dirk did maintenance. Oh wait, before I continue on, I got so excited about the free laundry that I forgot to mention shortly before arriving at the marina Dirk landed a nice Mahi. The first for the season.

Mahi on the menu
So where was I……Oh yea, laundry, cleaning, and maintenance. I did decide that evening to go ahead and get a jump on the laundry as one washer was free when I checked it out. I’m glad I did as the next morning I got up early just for that reason and there was already a line of dirty clothes bags and ladies standing around in our laundry day garb (cleanest dirty clothing) chatting. This is the way we meet new folks and make new friends. Several hours later I returned to the boat with everything that wasn’t tied down washed and smelling fresh once again. After listening to the weather and realizing that if we stayed another day we would probably get stuck in the marina we opted to go ahead and pull out that afternoon and make the short sail on down to George Town. On our way into the harbor we spotted our friends and dock neighbors Don & Barb from Cortez on their catamaran Dulcinea and hailed them on the radio to say hello. Strange how often you run into people you know from everywhere. Since the winds were due to be coming out of the west we elected to anchor in Kidd Cove which is close to town and I could get some provisioning done in town without having to make the wet ride across the open harbor. That next day when we went into town it was very rough but we didn’t have far to go thank goodness. On the way back we did the best we could to avoid the waves but I still had to rinse everything I had in fresh water as my groceries took a good soaking a couple times. Three days later the winds calmed down enough that we were able to go back across the harbor and anchor at Volleyball Beach. Dirk would be a happy camper now as he could get back to playing volleyball and we would be a lot closer to the St. Francis resort for poker nights. We love playing Texas Holdem but it’s hard to find anyone to play with. The first night we played Dirk came in 4th and basically made his entrance money back. The second evening we played I came in first winning $50.00 and Dirk came in 3rd winning $20.00. Winnings always good but even when we don’t win it’s a cheap night’s entertainment. So for a week we sat and relaxed, visited and watched the races as it was the week of the Family Island Regatta.

Now this is relaxing, Renegade marked with the red arrow

A sea plane landed in the crowded anchorage and headed right for us

Drove between us and the swimmers before pulling up to the beach.

It's always cool seeing the boats using people as ballast flying around the anchorage. This year it was windy so there was some nice heeling going on and since we were anchored so close, they basically sailed right behind the boat.

Tidal Wave

Racing through the anchorage

On Friday the 27th our short time in George Town was coming to a close. Usually after the regatta most cruisers take that as a signal to make tracks north and back to the states or if heading south, it’s time to get going. We ran into a couple friends we met last year and had a sundowner get together. The Abby, Triumph, and us ran into each other several times last season and it was great to see them all again. We also met a couple new folks in George Town this year. It seems the Germans were in full force and Dirk would set off to meet this one or that one. He even got a couple of them together for a game of Skat. (a German card game that no Americans understand) I don’t know any… We ended up leaving George Town in the company of I think most of the Germans and headed to Galliot Cay. We anchored for one evening and then headed up to Blackpoint on the inside the following day. We did end up staying an extra day there as the All Age School was having a Bar-B-Que and we know its always the same thing, chicken, ribs, coleslaw, peas & rice, and mac & cheese. Oh and all the flies you want plus some. But we always like to support the islands whenever we can and it’s a night I don’t have to cook. I did take the time to do a couple loads of laundry here as it’s too easy not to take advantage of it when you can. Where else can you pull up to the dock, walk 50 feet and throw your clothes in the wash. At $8.00 for a wash and dry it’s almost a steal too. At least in these parts and this would probably be the last chance to wash till we returned back to the states.

Renegade from Rockside Laundry dock

What a nice view while washing clothes

On the 6th we pulled anchor and headed once again on the outside to make the trip up to our favorite anchorage in Compass Cay. Along the way we were fortunate enough to land another Mahi Mahi.

Yea, another Mahi
Once anchored, Dirk decided to take advantage of the slack tide to get some conchs. He and Jens from s/v Emerald Mist, yes a German, and our buddy boat since leaving George Town took off and returned with a couple in tow. When they returned Dirk set to the task of cleaning the Mahi and when he threw the carcass in we had plenty of critters coming in for a snack. We had about 3 good size nurse sharks, sting rays and 1 small real shark. I am not sure what kind of shark it was, perhaps a reef, or black tip. All I know is it’s the kind with real teeth that like to hunt.

Cleaning fish in paradise

Someone wants a handout
We decided to have Emerald Mist over to the boat for dinner and cooked the Mahi into fish fingers with a curried mayo on the side. Yummy. We decided to stay put for a couple days as yet again the weather was going to be nasty. So the next day the guys decided to do some spear fishing and ended up bringing home a Yellow Snapper and a big ole Hog Fish.

Nice Hog Fish
Yea…..Dirk and Jens cleaned the fish and Jens took it to his boat to cook it for all of us for dinner. What a great dinner it was. The next day a small Queen Trigger fish was gotten but put in the freezer to be made into a smoked fish dip as it was too small to make a meal of. I got a wonderful smoked fish dip recipe from a fellow cruiser that is simple simple and I will post it in my galley section. Its great with any fish.

Renegade anchored in our favorite spot
On the 9th we decided the weather was the best we were gonna see, so we made the all day uneventful motor sail over to Rock Sound Eleuthera which lays to the East of the Exuma chain. Of course we were getting stuck here for several days due to what else? Weather……So now I have you updated to at least another part of the Bahamas and I promise to try catching you up even further very soon.

Jens, Regula, and Dirk relaxing for dinner in Rock Sound

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dave said...

Wow, always a good read, very exciting!
When will you guys head back to the US? Have a lot of boat work to do this summer?
Your blog updates are always worth the wait! We can't wait to visit all the places you talk about (and more)!
We will be sailing by the end of the month!
Fair winds