Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Killing Time In Staniel Cay

We had dropped off our guest Steve and Terry early in the morning for their flight back to civilization and long hot showers, air conditioning, and easy access to anything one needs right around the corner. We were however very content on where we were, short showers that weren’t always warm, and finding it sort of a game to buy what you can and be creative. The winds had calmed down a bit and Dirk decided since we had not caught anything the day before that perhaps he would stick his nose out into the Atlantic and see if it was calm enough to take the dinghy out and troll. A few hours later he had returned with a nice Mahi and ideas on how to rig two rod holders into the transom of the dinghy so he could be more effective.The following day we moved back over to Big Majors and anchored close to m/v Pirate, a couple we met several years ago. There is a small beach called Pirate Beach that they started building things on years ago. First year or so it only had a bar type table so one could have a table to lay out food for get togethers.  The following year they added a wooden picnic table that they brought over from the states. This year it seems like other cruisers have gotten in the swing and brought lots of other things. There are now 2 wooden picnic tables, several very comfy chairs, a fire pit with seating around it, two grills, one propane, the other for charcoal. There is also several tiki torches and all sorts of yard tools so you can help out and rake the beach. Plus they have installed a great tie off for the larger dinghies. Anyway, you get the idea, it’s a great little beach to hang out on and we would haul our ladder ball or botchy ball game over to play in the evenings till the bugs got so bad that even the hardiest of bug sprays couldn’t keep them at bay.

Nice fire pit

The rest of the beach

Dirk and I plus Jim and Janie on Pirate and Laurie and Richard from M/Y Forever Young all decided to take the dinghies out the day we got there to do a little more fishing. Both Pirate and we caught Mahi but Laurie and Richard didn’t have any luck. It was quiet exciting bringing a big fish into a small dinghy. Especially using a gaff in an inflatable one. As I held my breath Dirk managed to get him in and still managed to keep us afloat in the 400 to 600 feet of water we were floating in.
After returning to the boat Dirk took some fish over to m/v Forever Young. We had such a big one and felt bad that they didn’t get one. Laurie returned later to the boat with some incredible banana bread she had baked as a thank you. The next three days the winds were howling so the Mahi had a break from all the fisherman and we were left to sit on our boats all day while the winds whipped up the chop just enough to make it uncomfortable to go anywhere. We tried going to the beach between the majors one day but by the time we got there a storm cloud decided to open up on us and since we left all our hatches open back on the boat we had to turn right back around and make a bee line for the boat. One evening  Laurie and Richard invited Dirk and I over for sundowners and we got the tour of their 78 foot Hatteras boat. All I know Is that I fell in love with the kitchen which was bigger than some of the kitchens I have had in my homes. Oh, and the master bedroom with the king size walk around bed and a huge Jacuzzi tub and shower enclosure. Okay, this isn’t cruising, this is luxury. We had a great visit and ended up staying for dinner. On the21st, the weather settled enough so that everyone could once again use the dinghies to go out fishing. Not exactly my idea of settled, but when you have men that have been cooped up on a boat for 3 days it was settled enough. Dirk took off first thing in the morning before anyone else and returned a couple hours later with two nice Mahi.
Jim from Pirate still thought it was a bit rough so he sat out another day. While Dirk was gone I heard s/v Dea Latis call us on the radio. We knew they would be up this was soon but wasn’t sure when. They pulled in right behind us and set the hook. Dave had been wanting to go out with Dirk to do some fishing so of course once Dirk returned  Dave came over they cleaned the fish and got all the stuff together to head back out so Dave could get some of his own.
Dave learning the basics of filleting a fish
 A couple hours later they returned and Dave got two and Dirk had gotten another one.
We really didn’t need another one and Dirk had wanted to release it but the way it was hooked it wouldn’t have fared well. Dirk saw a German flag in the anchorage and decided to take it over to them if they wanted it. They asked how much Dirk wanted for it and he said nothing, I’m giving it to you. They were happy and in return gave Dirk a nice hot loaf of bread fresh out of the oven. Yum, now I’m happy.  While Dirk and Dave were cleaning the fish we had several large nurse sharks feeding under our boat and so Dave got his underwater video camera  and decided to hold on to a fish carcass and hand feed the shark so he could video it. It was a nice few seconds of video before the shark ripped the carcass out of Dave’s hand so fast. I kept telling him he needed to be in the water so he could get better pics. He wasn’t going for that.

Above is a link to the video he took if your interested.

One of the sharks swimming around the boat looking for handouts
Laurie from m/y Forever Young also got a nice size one and Dirk told her to bring it over and he would teach her how to clean it. They were taking them over to the yacht club and paying someone to do it for them. She wanted to learn and so Dirk took her through the steps of cleaning and cutting filets. I believe now a cleaning station is on her wish list. The next evening they had us, Dave & Tanya from Dea Latis, Jim & Janie from Pirate and Laura & her husband whose name escapes me now from m/y Laura Lee over for cocktails and dinner. They would provide the fish on the grill and we would all bring the sides. A great time was had by all with wonderful stories to be shared as we watched the sun go down.
M/Y Forever Young with Dirk and I arriving

Power boaters dinghies on the left, sail boaters on the right, hummmmmm

Dave with Laurie in her kitchen and Dirk in the background searing up some Mahi

Dirk, Janie, and Richard on the top deck

The next day they left for George Town to pick up guest and Pirate along with Dea Latis left the day after to head over to Nassau before heading back to the states. We however needed to head south to Blackpoint in order to get some laundry done in anticipation of our friends Denise and Mike’s arrival. I will end here with a couple photos of Capt. Butters. Lately he has found a new place to hide in when we travel and I guess he feels safe here because he can really stuff himself in there.
Any body watching?

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