Saturday, January 3, 2015

Green Turtle to Manjack

This will be my second attempt to write this post. I have been trying to find a better way to write and store my blogs till I have internet to do so. I thought I found an offline blog site that allows me to add the photos and have it all prepped so All I would need to do is hit upload when the time arrived. I thought I found an app that worked with my blog site until I sat and wrote one day only to realize yesterday when I sat to finish it up my entire post was gone. Aaaaaarrrggghh, now I find I need internet connection to save it. Whats the point. So now I am having to rewrite this post but in the absence of my patience I am not going into as much detail as I did first time around. So, shall I begin...

After we cleared into customs we picked up anchor and moved into White Sound as there was a front that was coming through the next couple days. With the direction of the winds we wouldn't be comfortable anchored where we were. We picked up a mooring from the local dive shop for $20.00 a day and settled in. Next morning Dirk wanted to check out the reefs an island or two up to see how rough it was to hunt. I went along and we made the trip in the dinghy and made the 10 to 15 minute trip. We made it to Manjack and made our way around Crab Cay to go through to the cut. It was obvious that the water was way too rough and there would be no hunting today. We decided to anchor the boat on the backside of the island and do some beach walking. After all we had made the trip up here. Well to make a long story short, as I was beaching the dinghy a wave came in and knocked me down onto the iron shore. I ended up being banged up pretty good with a hand that I could not get to stop bleeding without applying pressure. I probably could have used a couple stitches but I ended up just being very careful, keeping it immobile and dry and clean. I got majorly spoiled for about two weeks from Dirk who wouldn't allow me to do any housework. He made the bed every morning, washed all the dishes, cleaned the cat box even. A girl could get use to this, but I wont. 
Here is the hand, first and second day. Third pic is hand now, still healing but doing great.

This is the hip the day of and two days later. Its doing fine now

Beach at Green Turtle

Little crab trying to hide from us

A useful way to use all the floats that fall off the ships.

On the 11th we let the mooring ball go and headed north up to Manjack to anchor for a couple days. We pulled into the anchorage and dropped the hook in a nice sandy spot. Manjack has given us fits in the past with trying to find a nice anchor spot that we trusted to sleep in. After the anchor was down dirk decided to go hunting as the winds had calmed enough for the reefs to be safe. He returned with 2 nice lobsters. Dirk met 2 brothers travelling on s/v Grace while in Green Turtle and they invited us over for sun downers that evening where we met 2 other couples. Next day Peter from Grace and Dirk hit the reefs and Dirk returned with 4 more nice sized lobsters. We knew where dinner was coming from.
On Saturday the 13th we decided to brave the Whale passage and head to Marsh Harbor as we needed to do some grocery shopping. Remember we left the states without doing final provisioning. We weren't sure if they would be open on Sunday so we anchored the boat noticing how few boats were in the harbor. We had never seen it so empty, but then again, we have never been here so early. We made the short trek to Maxwell's. Its the nicest store in the Abaco's and just about anything can be found, at a price of course. we bought what we could carry in two backpacks and of course an ice cream for the walk back. One more stop at the liquor store for some rum and back to the boat where we put up groceries and had showers before heading into Snappa's restaurant for happy hour and $13.00 hamburgers. They went up since we were here last, but boy it was a good burger. We returned back to Renegade and called it an early evening. the next day was spent relaxing on the boat and that evening we were invited to s /v Chanceux for sundowners. Come to find out John and Dirk were both in the Army stationed in the same location on a couple occasions, knew some of the same people, just didn't know each other. Small world. Our plan was to leave the next day and head up to Man O War for a couple days before heading into Hope Town where we would spend Christmas.

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