Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spanish Wells and onto the Exumas

We sat in Spanish Wells for a total of four days while a couple fronts passed through. We had one catamaran pull to the mooring in front of us that we had met briefly in Green Turtle the day we checked in. Soon came 3 other big Catamarans and within the couple days there became acquainted. The men hunted together and we would meet on each others boats in the evening for sundowners and pot lucks. We were all headed the same direction so we planned to travel together for a while. Unfortunately, on the 5th when it was nice and calm dirk decided to take the drone for a fly around the anchorage. Some malfunction and we watched it hover momentarily before it just dove right into the water. We hopped in the dinghy to try and retrieve it. Dirk dove in and said it was still smoking under the water. Sucks because we know we got some awesome footage and it was all lost. Oh well, such is life and it was fun while it lasted. We headed back to Renegade and made our way to Current Cut where we would anchor for the night. At slack tide we all took the dinghies through the cut and tied them to ours. I took the dinghies through while everyone else did a drift snorkel. It was quiet fast so at the other end I picked them all up headed back through and did it again. They all loved it and did what they could to hang onto the rock ledges to slow themselves down. This time when at the end they all putted around for a while before the sun started to drop in the sky and it was time to head back to the boats. The following day we picked up anchor and headed to one our favorite spots in Eleuthera, Hatchet Bay. We set the hook and the others took mooring balls. Then we hopped in the dinghy and drove over to the government dock to drop off garbage and stop in to see if Gina and Francis from The Front Porch were around and if they would be open for dinner. They were and we made plans to see them for dinner before we headed down the long road to the beach on the other side of the island. We passed the usual herd of goats and sheep that hang out and made it to the beach where Dirk found several sea beans and I found several great pieces of sea glass.
cool little hole in the harbor that led to the ocean side so on low tide it sucked it out of the harbor
Back to the boat, quick showers and back to The Front Porch where just about all of our crew was already there. We were the only customers that evening and we ate and drank the evening away. Great times were had by all before we retired back to the boats.
new friendships being made
We needed to make Rock Sound the next day as a big blow was coming and we needed the shelter of the bay so we pulled out of Hatchet Bay early headed south. We did have a couple dolphins swim with us for a while and I got some great video of them. So cool seeing dolphins in such clear water. As we got close to Rock Sound we found some reefs in the middle of nowhere, anchored the boats and dove in for a snorkel. We were surprised at how many Lion Fish we saw and the guys took turns doing target practice on them. They say if you see them kill them. They are very invasive and need to be halted as they aren't suppose to be here and are depleting the lobster and grouper. Shortly after we pulled into Rock Sound and tucked into the North West corner where we would be sheltered from the winds that night. We all had a pot luck aboard S/V Almost There before heading back. The next morning the winds were due to clock around and come from the west so we picked up anchor and made our way to the other side of the bay. We anchored close to S/V Chanceux who we had met in the Abacos. The winds howled all day and both Dirk and I stayed put on the boat all day doing chores. The next day the winds started to calm down so in the afternoon we took the opportunity to hit the local supermarket to restock some food and later a bunch of cruisers all got together to have drinks and discuss the next days crossing to the Exumas.
beautiful sunset to end the day

And the crew once again
Next morning the anchorage emptied out as we all made our way across the Exuma Sound to various points. Our group decided to head to Highborne Cay to wait out yet another front that was due to pass through. Guess its that time of year....

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