Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sightseeing in the DR

After being here for a week now we are learning our way around Luperon. Where to find the bakery, finding it open is a treat.

Yummy pastrys
Where to find good food...
Patula's had great food

We ended up buying one of these mugs.
And in general, finding new things to photograph.
Thats one heck of a security system

Pink house is a typical home here.

Meat market or family pet just killed? Hummmm

Nice shower and way to flush a toilet and wash your hands in one bathroom.

Gate we have to go through by the immigrations trailer.
We did rent motorcycles with Dave & Tanya from s/v Dea Latis and toured a bit of country side. We saw beautiful rolling landscapes
And even had two encountes with cattle moving from one field to another.
They seem unaffected by the motorcycle sounds. Guess they are use to it. Our first stop was the Church of the Americanos, I think was the name of it. It is the site where the original church was built for Columbus. I guess you can tell I really need to research this all more. Spanish is not my strong point so I really need to sit and do some reading. But anyway here are some pics we took of the grounds and church. It was really quiet lovely.
A papaya tree
We then went to La Isabela that Columbus founded during his second voyage in 1493. He named it after Queen Isabela I of Castile. There were small parts of the ruins left on site and the museum held different items found. It was neat but written all in Spanish so hard to interpret, well, hard to understand, well basically I looked at the artifacts.

Cool old graves

One of the old settlers on display
Afterwards we took the bikes out to the beach and found a little shack to park and find a shady spot to have a couple cold beers and some fries.

Saw some locals out spear fishing, this is what they returned with. Hummmmm first off the season for lobster is over, and second, not one of them is legal size. Guess thats one reason why fishing around these parts is not so good. They were quickly cooked up and served up to the locals, one of which had a uniform on as a government person. The enforcer is the consumer....
For about the first 15 minutes of us sitting there these two chickens were hanging in the tree upside down. Dirk said it was to keep them sleeping.....every so often one would flit about but for the most part they were quiet. about 10 minutes later a guy comes by, Dirk tells me not to look and before I know it they are drained and put on the table behind us being defeathered and chopped up into a pot. Not something you see everyday but it is the way of life here. Guess the treatment here is actually alot better than the treatment to our food in the states. At least these guys are all free range chickens, not kept in cages and the method of killing them is alot more humane. Still, I dont want to see it.
Soon it was time to head back to Luperon but one more stop to photograph the harbor before fueling up and returning the motorcycles. At $10.00 a day its a heck of a bargin.
Luperon harbor where we are moored
More to come....

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