Friday, May 29, 2015

BVI's, Jost Van Dyke, & Tortola

Our original plan was to get to St. Thomas and then to make a run through the islands in order to stage for a run to St. Martin as quick as we could. While we were on the internet the last evening in St. Thomas we see on facebook where Lea and Roland from Victorias Ghost had purchased us a drink at the Soggy Dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke.
Drink board, thanks Lea and Roland
Well I guess our decision would be made for us. We couldnt pass by without stopping for our drinks that they bought for us so we headed that way instead. We called our friends Dave & Tanya on Dea Latis and found they were still there also. We slipped in between the reefs and found the only mooring ball available and they helped us tie on as there was no penndant on the ball. We werent happy where we were but there was no room to anchor and one must take a ball then. We have found ourselves in the charter boat mecca and it seems people dont charter too many monahulls anymore. There were 3 monahulls and the rest were all 40 to 50 foot catamarans jammed in there. Also seems most if not all anchorages have been filled with mooring balls and since you cant anchor close to the balls you are basically forced to pick one up. They are free throughout the day but in the evening they come to collect for overnighters. At $30.00 a night it can become pretty expensive. I like those DR prices of $2.00 daily rate better. Dirk took the dinghy over to the government dock and went to check us into customs. Since we were now in the British Virgin Islands we had to check in. Afterwards we joined Dave and Tanya over at Soggy Dollar to claim our drinks and have a bite to eat for lunch.
Soggy Dollar Bar
Soggy Dollar is known for their Painkiller Drinks. Its a potent drink of rum, cream of coconut, orange juice, and pineapple juice with fresh ground nutmeg on top. Wow, they are yummy....after a couple of those we headed back to the boat and since the day was wearing down several boats left so we decided to change mooring balls to one that was more tucked close to the island. Hopefully we wouldnt roll as much as we were. We ended up moving one more time after that before finally finding one we were happy with before heading around the corner to the next bay and the home of Foxy's Bar.
The pier in front of Foxys
There of course we had a few more rounds of Painkillers while enjoying relaxing in the hammocks next to the waters edge.
Relaxing on Island Time
Lets just say the painkillers had the desired effect and in the end we all had a great day, although there were the morning after regrets. Why didnt I just stop at 3 or 4, how many did we drink? Ahhhhhhh, we still had to travel today. Thank goodness it was a short run over to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola where we found a spot to anchor on the outskirts of the mooring field. Again it was filled with all charter boats. I think us and perhaps two other boats were privatly owned. We took the dinghy to shore to try and find some free internet. We found a little beach bar that offered free internet so we did a little hair of the dog and ordered a painkiller. What a great deal, we were in time for happy hour, 2 for $6.00, so we sat in the beach chairs looking out over the very hazy water enjoying life watching the kids play on the beach and bidding farewell to the day.
Hazy evening sunset
We stayed here two days planning our next move and enjoyed those 2 for one painkillers. Next stop, Beef Island.

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