Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Camp Grenada Continues To Get Busier

After six weeks in Prickly Bay we finally decided we had enough of the swells, the Coastguard flying through the anchorage and swinging too close to our neighbor boat. Besides that it seemed that most things we were doing now were taking place in Secret Harbor. Several times a week Dirk walked over for volleyball, Monday's was Texas Hold'em, Tuesday's was jam session. To top it off we had to lug the amp, sax, and all the assorted stuff for the walk. It was great for exercise but hot as it could be. I always walked around like I had just gotten caught in the rain as one was soaked after the walk. We found a spot in among the boats and anchored in about 30 feet of water. We were a bit further out in the bay but that was okay. It was still only a short dinghy ride to the dock.
Renegade marked by the pink arrow
Thanks to Cathy Tyda for letting me use her photo. As I said life here was becoming more busy. Seems everyday you had decisions of what to do as there was so many things going on that many things over lapped. Plus you still had to manage to get shopping and laundry done. Shooping from Mt. Hartman Bay is a bit different from Prickly. There you could walk to pick up a city bus anytime just about. Here you had 2 days a week, Tuesday's and Friday's that you could shop without taking a private taxi. There were usually 2 busses a day leaving that would pick up at 9 and 9:30. I always caught the early bus cause I just wanted it to be over. It takes you to the bank, the Spiceland Mall which has the IGA inside and then to the Veggie Shop and finally onto CK's which is like a big box store except its very small. Between all these stops you could usually find everthing you needed but many days that was not the case. It usually got you back to the marina by 11:30 and cost 10 EC per person. They did just raise the price to 15 EC due to fuel prices. Volleyball was a huge part of the day for many and they began to have adult volleyball, kids volleyball, and fun volleyball. Finally they had a tournament started. There were 7 teams and Dirk led the Renegades. Tournament play lasted several weeks to get the teams in order for the finals. Finally finals weekend came and it was a big event, plus very anxious for me when the Renegades were playing.
Here the Renegades are playing The Kids Team
Big crowds showed up for support.
Games went on into the night
Finally...after several close games Team Renegade emerged the winners, The Crazies came in second and The Kids Team in third. The other 4 teams gave it a good go though. They had a ceremony a couple days later to give out medals and prizes.
Team Renegade missing one member Matt.
Dirk with the trophy that will have a plaque made for the marina
Showing off his first place medal
The prizes were a case of beer to split, a bottle of wine and bragging rights. And finally I got to wash his lucky shorts that I wasnt allowed to wash since the beginning of the tournament. Whoa, were they in desperate the way, they lived in the cockpit as they werent allowed down below. Once all the serious volleyball was over we could get back to filling that time in with jam sessions again.
Gary & Dirk playing as the girls sing backup
A different crowd tonight
Scott being all serious
Dirk playing a tune
Sing it....
When we first started attending the jam sessions it seemed they were a bit mild and ended semi early in the evening. Seems though that it got to be where several of us would stay after the regular crowd left and it would be turned into jam session/ karaoke. So much fun, anyone could join in and we even had the staff join in after the manger left for the evening. Many nights we stayed till after 10pm. The bar closes at aroud nine but they stay till we leave. I have to give it to the staff at Secret Harbour. From the bartenders to the kitchen staff, they were all so friendly and wanted to make sure we were taken care of. They have a few problems with management but hopefully for the staff that will work itself out soon. Soon, the Tiki Bar at Prickly Bay started advertising for jam sessions on Thursday nights. Add another day to the calendar....the management however would send a free bus over to pick us up and take us back which was nice. They also gave all the musicans free drink tickets which was gracious. This would be Dirk's first time outside of his comfort circle and he did great.
An actual stage
I know when we leave he will miss the jam sessions and Gary off Neptune II who gave him so much knowledge and confidence. Hopefully we will see them up island and the guys can do impromptu jams along the way. A few other things we manged to fit in was a trip to La Sagesse Nature Center. Its a resort on a great stretch of beach that several couples decided to treat ourselves dinner at. We all put on nicer clothes, a bit of makeup and did what we could with our hair. The resort had a van come pick us up, no charge and take us there. It was a nice 1/2 hour ride up the coast and we arrived at a very quiet secluded area. We ordered a round of Rum Punches and strolled along the the beach taking in the beauty and beach to ourselves before returning for dinner.
Nice secluded beach
Enjoying the sunset
We were seated outside with the setting sun behind us. We were the only people in the place as hurricane is off season for many places. We ordered and had a great meal followed by a flaming dessert.
Our group
Bananas, rum, and icecream
We also found time to attend a benefit concert for Dominica. This was a couple weeks after the hurricane went through and devastated the island. It was at a place called Our Place and it sat along the hillside with Port Louis down below.
Jazz Musican and owner
Gerard playing for us on the bus ride back
Gary played his sax, Gerard the guitarist /singer played and it turned out to be a nice evening. On the way home Gerard played and sang the whole way back for us. And the days kept going on and on. Stay tuned for more Camp Grenada, we are here for a while.

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