Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Camp Grenada and My first Hash

Life in Grenada can either be very boring or so busy as there are so many things daily to do. It feels like camp at times because of the social activities. 7:30am is the cruisers net where there is a net controller and they let you know of all social activities going on for the day, shopping bus schedules, people looking for help or parts to fix things, and a section for the island businesses to promote themselves. After sometimes an hour of radio net it is time to either catch your shopping bus, go to yoga or aerobics, or Thai Chi under the almond tree. We were still in Prickly Bay so we were still attending the 1/2 price pizza nights and bingo nights but then volley ball had started at Secret Harbor marina in Mt. Hartman Bay which was the next bay over or a good 15 minute walk. There also was the Tuesday jam sessions for musicans to get together and have fun. We found that our anchorage and mooring were getting rolly and tight. Winds shifted one day and we were so close to our neighbor boat that we had to step on their boat and fend ours off. We also had to fend off the channel marker that had a nice metal spike sticking out of it. It became obvious it was time to go. We told the marina that those two mooring balls were just too close for bigger boats. Besides it would be nice moving over to the next bay to get out of some of the swells we were having.
A little too close
Now thats really too close
This is the channel marker
I had heard about hashes before coming to Grenada. They basically call it runners with a drinking problem. It is basically a way for people to get together, walk or run trails laid out by the hash queens, see the countyside and have an excuse for a party afterwards. Most of the trails are straight forward marked by blobs of shredded paper or arrows showing which turn to take. They also lay out false trails but you dont know it until you reach an x marked in shredded paper. Then you have to turn back, retrace your steps until you can pick up your old trail and try once more to find the real trail. The first one I did Dirk decided not to go as he really doesnt like to hike that much, so I decided to go with some others. The hash this day would take place on the north end of the island and was a long 1 1/2 hour bus ride through the small villages that dot the island. We arrived, I signed in, paid my 2EC and hung out while we waited for the start.
Victorias Ghost and Lequesto
Once the Hashmaster lets us know its almost time to start then everyone gathers around and she gives the rules mostly for the virgins. Yes that would be me and the couple other newbies. Just letting us know about the trails, no picking of any fruits that you see and then they make anyone who has new shoes on drink a beer from them to break them in.
Time to break in new shoes
We began the hash which started on the beach and the the runners break off for their trail and the walkers on our trail.
Let the hash begin

Lots of the trails are on personal property thus no picking of the fruits that were everywhere.
Shredded trail marker
Skinny trails
Part of the way through the hash we came up to a bed and breakfast type place as the trail went through the yard. The guy was great and had a truck waiting with either a free beer or a free water. We chose the beer. I was already carrying a water. His property had beautiful views of the islands north and Carriacou.
Beautiful views
Toasting the view
After taking a rest to enjoy the beer and the views we continued on.
Some trails almost hidden
Some trails heading right through a back yard
And some running trough the front yard
Resident animals greeting us
Other animals too tired to move
And finally back to the beach.
Looking north towards Carriacou

Once we got back I had a beer and was gonna get some BBQ chicken but the line was too long. Someone told me that the oildown which is a traditional dish here was good so I tried it.
Oil Down
There was one piece of chicken in it, bread fruit which I dont care for, plaintains, some green stuff and some salt fish which I really dislike. I even had one of the many stray dogs want some yet refuse to eat what I handed him. I hated waisting it but I couldnt eat it and the person that told me he liked it didnt eat his either. Apparently it was different then what he had before. I should have known with a name like Oil Down what did I expect. After everyone made it back and signed in, the after party begins. First they bring out all the virgins, aka first time hashers which I was one today and made us stand in front of the Hashmaster as she read us our introduction into hashing certificate.
Virgins no more
After reading this to us we are then sprayed with beer from all sides.
Afterwards we were soaked.
Showing off our new certificates
After the welcoming of the virgins the anyone who did something wrong on the hash and got caught had to drink from the Dottie Pottie which has warm beer and must be shared with everyone that got caught with you. Its a small metal bucket that has goodness knows what in it, and never gets washed. But thats the punishment you get for picking fruit and getting caught. After an hour or so of mingling around we loaded back on the bus to take us back. There were three virgins on our bus and stale, sweaty soaked bodies made for a stinky ride back to the marina. It was a blast and I will do it again....

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