Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Winding Down And One More Hash

Its hard to believe we have been sitting in Grenada since July 10th. At times time moved slow and as we were winding down it seemed to speed up. November 1st is the end of hurricane season this far south and many boats are starting to head out in different directions. Some South, some West, and some like us back North. So if we wanted to do it or see it, it was time to do so as time was getting short. I talked Dirk into doing a Hash with me. It was the 900th Hash for Grenada so it was a biggie. Six buses just from Mt. Hartman and Prickly Bay went. It too was on the north end of the island and it had been raining for several days before and raining as we were driving out there. This was going to be a muddy one. Traffic was busy and the bus driver was doing all he could to make sure we arrived on time. It was a bit scary and we told him he could slow down if he needed. Many of these roads are twisty and one cant see on the other side of the turn so everyone blows their horns to alert the other drivers. After a hair raising ride we arrived and had just enough time to sign in before the Hash started. Several of the Rat Packers were with us. These were the boaters we left Georgetown Bahamas with. And as I thought it was a wet trail. They offered 7 different trails depending on skill level.
I opted for the long walkers trail of 3 miles and Dirk did the short runners trail of 4 miles. Off we went into the rain forest.
Some skinny places to walk
It was single file over this. It was a decent fall down if you slipped
The trail led us through many nutmeg trees, avacado trees, by waterfalls, through running brooks and a fairly deep(thigh high) running stream. The trail was muddy, slick and in some areas pretty darn scary as it was a major drop off if you lost your footing. Several areas I skied down as it was too slick to try and walk, other places I literally had to crawl because I kept falling. Always I would feel someone grab my arm and pull me to my feet before heading off. Never saw who they were but thanks.
Sign on the trail
Into the bush, and boy was it slick
I fell twice big time at the above photo area. There was alot of downed bamboo that was very slippery, just when I thought I had my footing bam....down again. There was no free beer stop on these trails but as we finished the Hash we were given one. It went down too easy. Now to find Dirk and let the after party begin.
Me with the Hashmaster
Being that this was in a small village and apparently the bar that was there said they would not allow us to use the restroom there, the Hashmaster insisted we buy no beer from them and reduced the price at the hash tents to 3 for 10EC. Thats about $4.00 US for 3, not too bad, but where were we gonna go potty? I already had to go before the Hash, now it was time. Hashmaster arranged with a couple of houses to let us use the bathroom. Yeah, thats what I would want, a million muddy people tracking through my house. Caroline, Liz Ann and I set out for the house first stopping at a public faucet to wash off our shoes, legs, and feet . We knock on the door and a younger girl answers the door. Its a very modest home with a couple chairs pushed up against the walls and a tiny TV. An older woman was sitting in the dark as the girl led us down the hall into the bathroom area. Caroline was the first to go and afterwards she claims she was locked in, could I come help her. I asked which way the door opened, she couldnt remember and said in. So from the outside I am pushing with all my might, she is pulling and the door is obviously going the wrong direction. We try and pull back the other way, Caroline at this point is beginning to panic a bit as Liz Ann and I are giggling about it. After all we werent the ones locked in. I finally went to ask the homeowner which way her door opened. When she saw how her door was going the wrong direction she was not happy. Her and Caroline pushing and pulling, the lady cursing aloud and of course Im videoing it and laughing. I would remember which direction the door went when I got in. At last she was turn to use the so called bathroom which was a toilet, no seat, no toilet paper, and no running water. Oh joy.... Next time ladies, we are using the bushes which is exactly what I did. Once that fiasco was over we headed back to the party in time to see the virgins getting lined up.
Hashmaster calling all virgins
Gary and Dirk standing in wait
Gary, Vanessa, and Dirk
They are getting the speach
And now getting sprayed
After spending a bit longer here visiting, dancing and having a good time it was time to load up in the busses for the return trip. Shademan, our bus driver stopped at a small bar so the ladies could use the potty and we could all get a beer for the road. Guessing drinking and driving really does not matter here. Soon we were all back to the marina where we piled in to get something to eat before heading back to the boat. It had been a long day.
You could say I fell a few times.
One more big event was to come. The Halloween party which also signifies the end of one cruiser season and the beginning of another. The other group that come in is the people that leave boats in Grenada on the hard for hurricane season, fly back home and return once hurricane season is over. But they usually travel while here and dont just sit in the Bay day after day. So stay tuned for the Halloween Party and our farewell to Grenada.

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